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Cable trays for electrical power cables

The metal cable trays facilitate cable routing in civil and industrial building for low and medium voltage electrical power installations.

Routing is done by combining several subassemblies (linear elements, horizontal and vertical bends, tees and cross pieces, reducers) using connecting eclipses and fasteners. The systems does not require welding during installation.

The system does not require welding during installation.


We are a cable tray systems manufacturer of different types and sizes, with easy installation. Based in Bucharest (Romania), we offer fast delivery and great price for products manufactured at European quality standards.

Cable Trays Features

The cable trays have been designed to a standard length of 3000 mm and have a width ​​between 50 and 600 mm, a height ranging between 35 and l00 mm, 60mm height being the most often used. On request, modulated lengths of 250 mm can be produced.

Galvanized sheet metal of different thicknesses with perforations and embossing is used to make the bodies and covers of the elements of the cable tray system.

All edges of the elements are flattened to ensure labor protection.

Mechanical strength and stability

Once installed, the cable trays don't require any special intervention during operation, only visual inspection and cleaning as needed.

Fire Safety

The elements of the cable tray system do not present fire risks.

Safety in Use

Cable trays ensure adequate ventilation of the cables and good drainage, avoiding their overheating during operation.

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The cable tray system for power cables has test reports (ONFR – AFER, ICECON), CE mark (OICPE), homologation and authorization (AFER) and is based on our own patents.

Our entire production activity is carried out under the following certifications and authorizations:

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

TUV Rheinland

ISO 14001:2015, SR OHSAS 18001:2008 Certifications


Railway Supplier Authorization


Authorization of manufacturer of products in the industrial field


NCAGE code 1GF8L MApN economic agent


SR EN 1090-2:2018 Production control certification


Qualification of public procurement and execution of works


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