Perforated Metal Balcony and Staircase Railings​


Perforated Metal Balcony and Staircase Railings

Balcony and staircase railings must be both creative and durable.

We manufacture perforated metal railings that meet all these criteria excellently.


Perforated metal balcony and staircase railings bring multiple advantages, so they are certainly a good option to consider for the next project.

Increased Building Performance

Perforated metal balcony railings provide a better overall performance of the building. They have the unique ability to allow light to enter the building, while reducing the heat produced by sun exposure. This reduces the need for constant cooling.


A key advantage of perforated metal railings is that they allow ventilation and natural lighting without compromising privacy.

Ecological Sustainability

In addition to the constant advantage of passive temperature control throughout the life of the building, perforated metal railings can be completely recycled after use.

Style and Creativity

Perforated metal railings for balconies and stairs offer a way to create a unique and innovative aesthetic of the building. They also allow you to print graphics – an excellent feature for the exterior and interior of commercial and residential buildings. A variety of patterns allow architects to manifest their creativity.

Rear Lighting

Perforated metal railings can be used to project light to the outside. Lighting installation allows a new form of creativity, branding or simply to attract the eyes of passers-by.

Flexibility and Durability

The materials used allow the realization of perforated railings in different sizes, shapes and patterns of perforation. They are both lightweight and durable. These qualities stimulate the creativity of architects.

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Perforated Metal Balcony and Staircase Railings​

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